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No one and no issue can happen in isolation.  As a family therapist and a Social Worker, I like to see things within a broader context.  Some issues need to be dealt with in the context of the family, or the couple.  An initial session is similar to an individual session in that the first step is to get to know you and your family.  This can be complicated and so in some cases we may need more than 50 min for the first session.  Together we will develop a plan that everyone can agree upon and a goal that will help you move forward.

In some cases people prefer to do therapy over the course of a few hours rather than once a week.  This can be useful for families that are out of town.  It is also helpful when an individual or couple has an issue or trauma that they would like to deal with quickly for intense symptom relief.

$180.00 per 50 Minute session

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